The Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Services is an association of fire departments in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Our Association is a membership organization of fire departments by which all members of a fire department become members when the fire department joins with a departmental membership.

The main focus of the association is to advocate, enhance, and promote the fire service within itself, the public and government. To collectively bring fire service’s issues to resolve and enhance firefighter training, safety, and the delivery of fire protection services to their respective jurisdictions.


Three pillars of our Asssociation


Education and training is important, and we want our members to have access to a variety of information for you as a department and as individual firefighters.

Current Training Available:

  • Autism Awareness
  • Fire Department Administration
  • CISM for Peer Response
  • More to come!

We are constantly looking at new opportunities to bring varied training to our membership, that ranges from leadership, operations, administration, and community services. Our board is currently working on some new initiatives that should be ready for delivery later this year.


We are your voice to government and the bigger our membership, the stronger our voice!

How we advocate:

  • Presentation of an annual brief to Government, to the social policy committee of cabinet
  • We are continually working to build stronger partnerships with both Municipalities NL, and the Professional Municipal Administrators Association
  • We have recently established a committee to work with NL911 and the minister responsible for this service, so that we can ensure we have up to date information for our membership, and so that your concerns are heard.
  • We keep very close communications with FES-NL and have worked diligently to always ensure they are aware of the issues or concerns arising from our membership. Including an open forum for our membership at every annual general meeting, where our membership is given the opportunity to communicate directly with a panel of FPO’s and the Fire Commissioner.
  • Recently we were able to establish a monthly briefing with the Cabinet Minister responsible for Fire and Emergency Services, so that concerns from our membership can be addressed, to the right people, right away.
  • Our regional directors are all given the opportunity to travel within their regions to speak with our membership, hear their concerns, and communicate that back to the entire board. Our directors will typically host Regional Meetings in their areas to provide an opportunity for departments to come together to network, communicate with the association in an open forum environment, and hear about what the association has been up to. ​


  • ​On Monday, December 12th, 2016, the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Government announced Presumptive Cancer Coverage for Firefighters, Volunteer and Career, in the province.  Please visit the News Release, Provincial Government Introduces Presumptive Cancer Coverage for Firefighters, here.  You can also review the Ministerial Statement here.  Thank you to the Provincial Government for the commitment and hard work on this very important initiative for our Firefighters!
Member Services:

We want to provide our members with the tools to operate more efficiently, and effectively, and we’re always working on adding to our member services.

Current Services:

  • One phone call ordering of textbooks and reference material. We take care of everything for you, and can bill directly to fire departments, towns, or individuals, without the need to set up a credit account. Books normally take approximately 5 business days to arrive, but they will be shipped directly to your door!
  • We maintain a comprehensive database of contact information for sustaining members, and at any time, you can call or email the office to get contact info for any one of our suppliers.
  • Representation by a regional director from your area, who can be contacted at any time, when you have a concern, question, or suggestion about anything related to the fire service in our province. While it’s sometimes difficult for our directors to get out to see each and every department in their region, they are always willing to help, and will offer support in any way possible. All contact information on our website is up to date, and our directors are here to help.​